The Cocktail Program

Cocktails are serious business here at veneto. Our professional bartenders take great pride in the creation of their own signature libations as well as putting a unique spin on the classics. Of course, for those feeling adventurous, you can opt to put your drink destiny in the capable hands of our professionals and SPIN THE WHEEL. 


The perfect storm
the taco district
Simon Ogden -Brace yourself for a night to remember. Casamigos Reposado crashes over local Woods Amaro and Martini Bianco, and goes deep with Ardbeg-roasted Thyme. Down the hatch.   
  Josh Boudreau - In honour of our city’s newest epicenter of tacoliciousness, this little bandito is a Mexican fiesta in your mouth. Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal goes shoulder-to-shoulder with El Jimador Blanco Tequila, chili-mango syrup, Orancio vermouth, spice and lime. Está buenísimo   
the luminary
the long kiss goodnight
Caledonia Wright - Seeking inspiration? Look no further. This little dazzler will light the way: Calvados brightens up Drambuie, Cherry Heering and black walnut bitters, all smoked together with white sage. Fire one up.     Brian Newhan - Take your time with this one. Woodford Reserve Bourbon gets snuggly with Amaro Abano , strawberry red wine syrup and cacao coffee bitters. It’s worth waiting for. You can trust us.  
the kindness of strangers
london nog
Simon Ogden - Sazerac rye is a New Orleans original, you can always depend on its spicy punch to set the day straight. Here it takes a tumble with Bitter Bianco, Orancio vermouth, Amontillado Sherry and black pepper bitters. A streetcar cocktail named delicious.     Josh Boudreau - A sophisticated take on the classic eggnog, Beefeater 24 gin takes a misty late-night stroll with Earl Grey syrup and vanilla Madagascar liqueur, snugly wrapped up with a whole egg and cinnamon. Pip pip.    
santa muerte
mind over matter
Caladonia Wright - Named for the Mexican female deity of healing and protection, let her in and she’ll make everything all better. Marigold-infused El Jimador Tequila blessed with Orancio Vermouth and smoky pear bitters.     Brian Newham -A step towards true enlightenment. Maker’s Mark Bourbon mingles with cream Sherry, plum balsamic, vanilla liqueur and Peychaud’s bitters. Something to meditate over.      


Sparkling Cocktails

infinite jest 10 get amongst it 10
Simon Ogden - Angels and ministers of grace, refresh us. Long Table Akvavit parries with honey syrup, lime juice and Prosecco.       Brian Newham - You’ll be glad you did. Fresh kiwi with silver rum, passion fruit and coconut balsamic, topped with prosecco.     
Justice for barb 10 port authority 10
Caledonia Wright - A toast to old friends in this upside down world. Ancho Reyes, dark chocolate balsamic, cinnamon, Prosecco.      Josh Boudreau - Strawberry-ginger gastrique, Prosecco and…well, Port. It’s deliciously punny. We’re sorry.