The Beer Club

Join our beer club and get the opportunity to try all the different rotating beers that Simon brings in from around the globe.

With the purchase of the monthly beer passport you will be able to recieve 13 5oz. servings allowing you to create your own flights, or just sample any of the taps that peak your interest. Once all the tastings are stamped, hopefully you have locked in your favourite as your card also entiltles you to a full pint.

Price: $30 / card

Ability to sample all the different beers on tap without committing to a full pint
Create your own tasting flights
Entered into a monthly draw for $50 gift card (no purchase necessary to enter)
Entered into an annual draw for a large prize package. (no purchase necessary to enter)

Purchase as many cards as you wish. Cards must be used within the month indicated on the front of the card. Expired unused cards wil not be honored. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced.

beer club